Since we now have an official Changeling venue, please pick a Banality rating for your character. This should be within one point of the number or range listed for a typical creature of its type:

Average Banality Ratings:
Marauders: 0-2 (average 1)
Childling Fae: 1
Mystics (Verbena, Cult of Ecstasy, Hermetics, Dreamspeakers): 2-4 (average 3)
Fianna; Wildling Fae: 3
Children: 3-5 (average 4)
Red Talons, Uktena, Children of Gaia; Wraiths: 4
True Believers (Nephandi, Celestial Chorus, Akashic Brotherhood, Euthanatos, most Craft wizards): 4-6 (average 5)
Get of Fenris, Black Furies, Wendigo, and Garou otherwise not listed; Grump (i.e. adult) Fae; Drunks and Lunatics: 5
Malkavian, Ravnos, and Kiasyd Vampires; Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords; Demons: 6
Humans: 6-7
Modern Cynics (Sons of Ether, Hollow Ones, Virtual Adepts): 6-8 (average 7)
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Wyrm Creatures (including Black Spiral Dancers): 7
Mummies: 8
Most Vampires: 8-9
Technocrats 8-10 (average 9)

Kithain can sense someone's exact level of Banality by rolling {Perception+Kenning} difficulty 8.

0-1: Banality 0 is the level of the most insane of marauders.

2-4: Insanity, almost child-like immaturity. True, profound belief in imaginary things to the point of hallucinatory response. Marauders typically posess between 0-2 Banality. Fae Wilders (adolescents) begin at banality 3.

5: Borderline insanity for human adults, borderline psychological maturity. May believe in wild conspiracy theories, have imaginary friends, live in elaborate delusions or rampant paranoia. Mortals may unknowingly see chimerical objects at this level. This is also the average level for "Grump" (i.e. adult) Fae.

**6: **The mindset of a creative artist. Such an artist is poised between mundanity and the maddening call of her muse. Seeing chimerical objects is out of the question without enchantment.

7: The state of mind of the average mortal. Practical, sensical, and cautious. A person at this level of banality keeps extra food in the fridge, cleans his dwelling regularly, rarely stays up past midnight.

8: This is the frame of mind of a "Heavy Sleeper" (i.e. not a Dreamer) or a weak Autumn Person. Truly banal people resist dispair and mistrust by becoming obsessive and anal. Anyone who is not similar is a threat to them.

9: This is the mental state of an Autumn Person. Faeries find that prolonged exposure to this type of individual can actually be physically painful.

10: Humans at this state of Banality lose most of their emotions. THey are oblivious to the joys of life and gain an inscrutable affinity to tedious things. Childhood has been forgotten, love is an impossibility, and only the stupor of intoxication can offer a temporary surcease from the depths of sorrow.
A changeling who gains 10 points of Permanent Banality is in severe risk of being Undone.

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