Camarilla Domain of South Florida

Rating Description
1 Never present/No content of this type
2 Sometimes present/Minimal (usually player-introduced)
3 Often present/Occasional
4 Usually present/Consistent (available every game)
5 Always present/Focus of the Game

"Pulp Scripture" Chronicle Style Information:
2 Action = Combat and Challenges
3 Character Development = Personal dilemmas and choices
2 Darkness = PC death or corruption
5 Drama = Ceremony and grand story
3 Intrigue = Politics and negotiation
5 Manners = Social etiquette and peer pressure
4 Mystery = Enigmas and investigation
2 Pace = How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve?

In the entire domain there are fewer than a half-dozen NPC Kindred: one each of the Brujah, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Toreador and Ventrue.

The Sabbat have about thirty, or more than twice that many counting shovelheads.

Apparently we have a surfeit of new Tremere and Malkavians coming into town …

Obviously the biggest plotline(s) involve the apparent attempts by the Tremere and Malkavians to infiltrate and take over the Domain. The Prince is known to run things with a very tight fist and the sudden influx of three Tremere and four Malkavians into a domain with only a dozen Kindred to begin with will hardly go unnoticed. The former claim they are merely there to build up their chantry and deal with the disappearance of their Primogen, while the latter claim it's nothing but a coincidence. Hogwash!

Player Character

Cat_Storm Alexandra, librarian/archivist
ChaNeko Miss Jane Larabee, secretary to Mr Grey
Lust Kitty, blood doll
Quistar Jeff Johnson, folk singer
VampireJunten Illiana, Gangrel ghoul

Justin "Pulp" Pope Manager and executive chef of the Bourbon Street Bar in Fort Lauderdale
"Lady Blood" Toreador, Keeper of Elysium

Blitz Andrea Sinclair (Toreador)
Lord Alexys Zephyria Álvaro Rosales Salazar de la Fuente, Ventrue ghoul/neonate
Professor Caprion Teri Ellis, wife of Sarena Ellis, Kiasyd Malkavian
Shambler "Evil Joe," Malkavian
ShamshielDF Sarena Ellis, Malkavian Elder, Primogen

Caliban Mr Grey (Ventrue)
Aeloriah Toreador
William B. "Wild Bill" Williams Gangrel, sheriff
"Johnny Reb" Brujah
Milton Adams Nosferatu
Judas Shore Tremere Elder

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