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5.2. Garou Characters
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5.3 Spirits

Sept Officers:

Sept of the River of Grass:

The current population of the protectorate includes six Ahroun, two Galliards, five Philodox, seven Theurges, and six Ragabash: Characters by Tribe
Black Furies: Amazon Judy (Ahroun), Nefelimore (Theurge), Sybil Angelis (Theurge), Melanie Kellis (Ahroun)
Bone Gnawers: Old Joe (Philodox), Auntie Bellum (Theurge), Trash Compactor (Ahroun), Raps-the-Litany (Ragabash), Dumpster McDiver (Ragabash), Dave the Barbarian (Ahroun)
Children of Gaia: Judges-Not (Philodox), Suffers-for-Others (Theurge)
Fianna: April "Banshee" O'Hara (Galliard), FreeBadger (Ragabash), Stormsfury (Theurge)
Glass Walkers: Retires-in-Style (Philodox), Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling (Ahroun), Draws-the-Net (Galliard)
Shadow Lords: Spits-the-Truth (Ragabash), Nadja (Ragabash), Moon Knight (Ahroun)
Silent Strider: Alexander Slayer-of-Legend (Philodox)
Silver Fangs: Austerra (Philodox)
Uktena: Speaks-in-Silence (Theurge), Touches-Evil (Theurge), Howls-at-Luna (Ahroun), Joshua Talltrees (Theurge), William Emberstone (Ahroun)

Werewolves and Kinfolk
Black_Box William Emberstone (Uktena Ahroun)
Fragile_Dreams Persephone Nefelimore (Black Fury Theurge)
Quistar Joshua "Honors-the-Old-Ways" Talltrees (Uktena Theurge)
ReijiTabibito Alexander Slayer-of-Legend (Silent Strider Theurge)
Shambler Moon Knight (Shadow Lord Ahroun)
Thesunmaid Sybil (Black Fury Theurge)
Werewolfy Get of Fenris Kinfolk
WoDPlayer Nadja (Shadow Lord Ragabash)
Whitelion Draws-the-Net (Glass Walker Galliard)

Temporarily inactive, on hold, and/or withdrawn:
Reba April O'Hara, Fianna Galliard
Amazon Judy Black Fury Ahroun
Dave the Barbarian Bone Gnawer Ahroun
Dumpster McDiver Bone Gnawer Ragabash
Farabor Trash Compactor, Bone Gnawer Ahroun
FreeBadger Fianna Ragabash

Auntie Bellum Bone Gnawer Theurge
Judges-Not Child of Gaia Philodox
Touches-Evil Uktena Theurge, Banesinger
Old Joe Bone Gnawer Philodox
Raps-the-Litany Bone Gnawer Ragabash, Gangsta Wannabe
Retires-in-Style Glass Walker Philodox
Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling Glass Walker Ahroun
Speaks-in-Silence Uktena Theurge, Banesinger
Spits-the-Truth Shadow Lord Ragabash
Suffers-for-Others Child of Gaia Theurge

Visitors (Non-Garou):
Akiko Fae (Sidhe)
Thesunmaid Penelope "Penny" Dreadful, gothic Fae (Sluagh)
Alysanthia Nadia Truewater, lounge singer (Sidhe)
ShamshielDF Sarena Ellis, leech (Malkavian)
Xaphan "Fallen Angel"
Quistar Jeff Johnson, folk singer
Taigen Kat, just Kat; Corax

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