Chronicle Information (for Garou Nation)

"Moral Victory" Chronicle Information

Our chronicle will be joining a shared universe that has existed for many years. Our game will integrate with any chronicles that are located geographically close to our location, so it does not seem as if we (or they) magically just appeared out of nowhere.

Contact Information

Head Story Teller's Name: John Fast
HST's E-mail: moc.liamtoh|TSyrotciVlaroM#moc.liamtoh|TSyrotciVlaroM
Assistant Story Teller #1 Name: Andrew Hauptmann
AST #1 E-mail: moc.loa|ratsiuQ#moc.loa|ratsiuQ
Assistant Story Teller #2 Name: Alan Goldstein
AST #2 E-mail: moc.oohay|nietsdloGCnalA#moc.oohay|nietsdloGCnalA
Assistant Story Teller #3 Name:
AST #3 E-mail:
Narrator #1 Name: Sunny
Narrator #1 E-mail:
Narrator #2 Name: Shammie
Narrator #2 E-mail:
Narrator #3 Name:
Narrator #3 E-mail:
Desk Monkey:
Desk Monkey E-mail:
Webmaster Name: ShamshielDF
Webmaster E-mail:

About Our Game

Name of our chronicle: "Moral Victory"

OOC location: Online ( channels #WhispersInTheDark and #WhispersOOC)

Dates and times of chronicle: Mondays, 5pm to midnight Eastern

IC location of chronicle: South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties)

Detail of some completed plots:

How old is your game?: 8 years
Average Number of Players: 10
Why does your game want to join The Garou Nation:

Website URL:
URL to Game Logo (if applicable):
Sept Leadership

Sept Name: River of Grass
Sept Totem: Uktena
Sept Alpha: Judges-Not (metis adren CoG philodox)
Sept Beta: Suffers-for-Others (adren CoG theurge)
Alpha Ragabash: Spits-the-Truth (adren Shadow Lord ragabash)
Alpha Theurge: Speaks-in-Silence (adren Uktena theurge)
Alpha Philodox: Judges-Not (metis adren CoG philodox)
Alpha Galliard: Rebecca (lupus Fianna galliard)
Alpha Ahroun: Howls-at-Luna (Uktena ahroun)
Master of Challenges: Judges-Not (metis adren CoG philodox)
Master of Rites: Suffers-for-Others (adren CoG theurge)
Warder: Howls-at-Luna (Uktena ahroun)

Sept Name: Rolling Greens
Sept Totem: Tortoise
Sept Alpha: Retires-in-Style (adren Glass Walker philodox)
Sept Beta: Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling (adren Glass Walker ahroun)
Alpha Ragabash: Raps-the-Litany (fostern Bone Gnawer ragabash)
Alpha Theurge: Auntie Bellum (adren Bone Gnawer theurge)
Alpha Philodox: Old Joe (adren Bone Gnawer philodox)
Alpha Galliard: Draws-the-Net (fostern Glass Walker galliard)
Alpha Ahroun: Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling (adren Glass Walker ahroun)
Master of Challenges: Retires-in-Style (adren Glass Walker philodox)
Master of Rites: Auntie Bellum (adren Bone Gnawer theurge)
Warder: Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling (adren Glass Walker ahroun)

Number of Players by Auspice 5 + 8 + 5 + 4 + 11 + 5 = 39

Ragabash: 5 Spits-the-Truth, Raps-the-Litany, Nadja "Strikes-in-Darkness" Korsakov, Aurora Rider, Dumpster McDiver,
Theurge: 8 Speaks-in-Silence, Touches-Evil, Auntie Bellum, Suffers-for-Others, Joshua Talltrees, Stormchild, Sybil Angelis, Senti
Philodox: 5 Judges-Not, Retires-in-Style, Old Joe, Katrinka Frey, Alexander Slayer-of-Legends
Galliard: 4 Draws-the-Net, Fleur Childe, Rebecca, Celeste
Ahroun: 11 Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling, Howls-at-Luna, Trash Compactor, Melanie Kellis, Astrid “Strikes-Swift-in-Fury” Eriksson, Hacks-the-Gibson, Moon Knight, Koko, Will Emberstone, Dave the Barbarian, Amazon Judy
Kinfolk: 6 Christina O'Malley, Clarissa Harris, Carl Sinclair, Charles Locke, BitOgre, Nadia Truewater

Number of Players by Tribe 3 + 6 + 4 + 6 + 3 + 6 + 3 + 1 + 5 + 1 = 39

Black Furies: 3 Melanie Kellis, Amazon Judy, Sybil Angelis
Bone Gnawers: 6 Old Joe,* Auntie Bellum,* Raps-the-Litany,* Trash Compactor, Dumpster McDiver, Dave the Barbarian
Children of Gaia: 4 Judges-Not*, Suffers-for-Others*, Fleur Childe, Celeste
Fianna: 6 Stormchild, Rebecca, Aurora Rider, Senti, Clarissa, Christina
Get of Fenris: 3 Katrinka, Astrid, Carl Sinclair
Glasswalkers: 6 Retires-in-Style*, Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling*, Draws-the-Net, Hacks-the-Gibson, Clocks
, BitOgre
Red Talons:
Shadowlords: 3 Spits-the-Truth, Nadja Korinsakov, Moon Knight
Silent Striders: 1 Alexander Slayer-of-Legends
Silver Fangs:
Uktena: 6 Speaks-in-Silence*, Touches-Evil*, Howls-at-Luna*, Joshua Talltrees, Will Emberstone, Nadia Truewater

Wendigo: 1 Koko

Number of Players by Breed

Homid: 35
Metis: 2
Lupus: 2

Number of Characters by Rank:
Kinfolk: 6
Cubs: 5 Dave the Barbarian, Amazon Judy, Koko, Will Emberstone, Fleur Childe, Senti
Cliath: 6 Moon Knight, Aurora Rider, Hacks-the-Gibson, Astrid, Dumpster McDiver, Stormchild
Fostern: 10 Melanie Kellis, Sybil Angelis, Joshua Talltrees, Raps-the-Litany, Nadja, Draws-the-Net, Rebecca, Howls-at-Luna, Katrinka,
Adren: 10 Old Joe, Auntie Bellum, Speaks-in-Silence, Touches-Evil, Suffers-for-Others, Judges-Not, Retires-in-Style, Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling, Spits-the-Truth, Trash Compactor, Alexander Slayer-of-Legends

List any Rare and Unusual Characters (PC and NPC): Clocks (Glass Walker kinfolk Namebreaker [Mage]), Xathan ("demon" fomor), Kat (Corax), Jeff Johnson (Imbued Hunter)

Fetishes of Rank 4 or higher.
Bleeding Heart
Bane Cage

Our chronicle currently has no characters above the rank of Adren

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