Draws-the-Net,Galliard of the Glasswalkers,Fostern Metis of The Sept of The Rolling Greens


Draws-The-Net was born in The Sept of The Rolling Greens on Dec. 24,1969, His Mother,Smashes the Glass Ceiling,Homid Ahroun Glasswalker Adren Beta of the Rolling Greens sept and his Father,Retires in Style,Homid Philodox Glasswalker Adren,Alpha of the Rolling Greens Swept. Gave up much to have a child, they has a promising life in a Glasswalker Sept Near DC. Draws had it better then most, He knew his parent and they love him. and the rest of the sept treated him like a normal cub

Draws was exceptionally bright and artisticaly gifted. he would scribble as scrawl for hours with his crayons,each own slowly getting better than the last one. At 5 his Parents installed a computer ternimal connected to the mainframe at the University of Florida,It was love at first sight! he at first would spend hours just typing on the Keyboard,giggling at the random characters popping up on the screen, at 6 he started computer classes. and then he went through his first Change

When he went through his first change,Three people entered his life they have been around for a while but he never had a chance before this to really get to know them. they were Mouth of Rage ,Black Ahruon of the get of Fenris, Spits the truth, and Rosie Danahur,Drinks the Music,Galliard of the Fianna. All three taught him lessons and stories to carry him the rest of his life. although he was ready for his rite of passage at 8,it was decided to delay it until 13 to give him a chance to grow some. it was hard for Draws to wait but he would keep calm by concentrating on his drawings and computer work, then he made wonderous discovery,that computer were finally able to make good quality graphics. He would ask theurges to ask weaver spirits what the spirits knew about this technology. this inspired and fueled his experiments with programming and technology.but he dind't Ignore his stories and song that he needed to know to be a proper Galliard and helped Rosie with Moots telling the stories he made up or wrote of famous garou as class assignment at these Moots. then the time came for his rite of Passage

His Rite of Passage consisted of three challenges, first he had to build his own computer,write all the programming he needed, then hack his way in to create his legal ID. then A Great Original story, he wrote a story based on the Rite of Passage of Mouth of Rage by talking to the participants still around. the he had to kill a Leech. this was a litle tricky but he had three eldres distract it and lure it to him so he could spring a trap on it.

He was then assigned to the Pack ran by Mouth of Rage .. the first ten years went uneventfull the he turned 21. what a year that was. some Elders helped Mouth of Rage with a problem and to keep the rest fo the pack occupied they took us on a Umbra quest to the moon to meet Luna(she is very impressive) helped in fighting off a major Vampire incursion, and the Great Leaving. in which his Mentor gave her life to help save Mouth of Rage .

Draws since then has helped set up charities for the Bone Gnawers and their kinfolk,Help defeat a shit spirit, and Hack into numerous Tainted companies including Pentex and its subsidies. His being made alpha of a Pack recently will udoubtedly make an impact on his life

Skills and Abilities

Draws skills in Computers and Storytelling are Legendary. his ability to read peoples emotions are truely insightfull and his artwork hangs in Galleries. His Computer artwork has been noticed by Hollywood and has Consulted several Studios on 3d animation. His Combat Skills are just enough not to hurts himself although he competent enough to get out of the way of a claw or a fist. his acting and musical skills are good enough to earn a living there are many Galliards the are better then him. he has a smattering of other skills like puzzle solving,sciences,amd politeness.
His Mental abilities are Known to be execptional, His social skills are about average , he has average strength, slightly tough,but very nimble.
The Gifts Gaia and the spirits have given him are Trick Shot,Call of the Wyld,Diagnostics,Sense Wyrm, Network Terminal,and recently Mothers Touch and Spirit Speech.
He knows only 2 rites-Rite For the Dearly Departed and Talisman Dedication.


Draws is 6' even 200 lbs and looks around 30, has short Brown hair and eyes,and His Metis Deformity is a pair of Big Horn Sheep Horns on his head. He wears a nice Polo shirt, designer Jeans, and Leather Boots, When out in public he wears a Floppy brown leather Hat and a high collar Nike Jacket. All his clothes are made by Seminole indians or other Native American Tribes if Necessary.

Crinos he stands 9 ft tall and is 355 lbs, His Horns are truly impressive in this form.


In Lupus and Hispo his face is a striking Black and White.For his Body his Back is dominated by black with White showing a little from underneath with his belly bieing Grey



Draws came into his Glasswalker/Cearn trust fund at 21, Has sold Numerous pieces of his atrwork, and invested wisely mostly in High Tech Stocks and related ones plus a smattering of Conservitive choices. his worth went up dramaticly when Disney and Pixar Merged as He has invested heavly in them before hand.


he has a Leech Tounge and a Fang of the worm, also a Personal Fetish in the shape of a Flash drive, it enhances the perfomance of the computer it is hooked to.


when dealing with non Garou he uses his legal name of John Weaver
Quote"Just give me a ball,some wooden blocks and a Zero 80880 running at 1 Megahertz and I was happy as a kid

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