New Fetishes

Ring of Mind Shielding

Level 3, Gnosis 6
This item's common name comes from a popular fantasy role-playing game, but is also known by more formal names such as "Charm of Mental Fortitude" and such, depending on the tribe and background of the one that crafts the fetish. It can resemble any kind of jewelry or decoration, including but not limited to earrings, brooches, bracelets, and the like. The actual design is largely up to the garou that crafts it, but should integrate a falcon's image, feathers, or colors in the design.
When activated, the fetish provides the wearer with the benefits of the Iron Will Merit (see Player's Guide to Garou, p. 163, for details) for one scene per success rolled from the activation.

Fetishes of Calming

Harmony Flute (Level 1, Gnosis 5) This is a fairly basic fetish and quite common. All they do is force people who are in combat to make a single success on a Rage roll or else stop fighting. This sometimes works when the people involved don't have a lot of Rage. But Rage rolls are pretty easy to succeed at, and can actually make you frenzy!

Fetish of Calming (Level 3, Gnosis 7) This is simply the Children of Gaia gift "Calm" made into a fetish. Activating it provides one use of the gift "Calm": roll a number of dice equal to the successes you got when activating the fetish, difficulty of the target's Willpower, and each success sucks out a point of the target's Rage. (Actually, the spirit in the fetish has the gift and uses it for you.)

Will Emberstone has one of these, as does Old Joe, and soon Joshua Talltrees and Sybil Angelis will.

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