This is about the style of play that I want to encourage in Moral Victory, and hopefully also in Pulp Scripture.

I'm trying for the same style of urban fantasy that Neil Gaiman does, especially the way he did it in Sandman, and also the way others did it in the Hellblazer and Lucifer comics.

Also, I love details. And I love the idea, as O. Henry said, that we live in modern-day versions of Baghdad of the Arabian Nights, where you can knock on any door and find some bizarre story behind it.

When there is something strange or "wrong" in the story, don't assume it's a mistake. Instead, please react appropriately in-character, by asking or questioning what's going on.

Sybil Angelis brought bottles of liquor and a twelve-pack of beer to the last meeting they had in the Shrine of the Goddess.
Judges-Not said "That's technological, so you can't have it here."
Suffers-for-Others said "What if we Awaken the drinks so they are spiritual? And also offer some to the caern totem as chiminage to show we still respect him?"
So they poured two fifths of whiskey in the pool at the caern heart. Unfortunately, Uktena-of-the-River-of-Grass got drunk on it, because he's a Native American totem and is therefore vulnerable to alcoholism.
At the next moot, he rose up and demanded "More chiminage! I have a headache! Give me more fire-in-water!"
The Uktena tribal elders of the sept are also becoming affected by that, due to their spiritual link with him.
So Speaks-in-Silence pantomimed drinking, during a conversation with Touches-Evil.
And they have a bunch of banes captive — hey, they're Uktena, what do you expect? — and the banes thought he was trying to indicate, um, something else.
Because they're all sick and corrupted. The banes, I mean. So they thought of the other thing first.
*This* is the kind of weirdness you get in *my* games.
What you *don't* get is (for example) abominations, even as NPCs. Or letting anyone on the bawn except garou and kinfolk.
What you *do* get is garou, kinfolk, fae, kinain, and even the occasional leech carousing together at Maguire's Pub.
It's a Fianna kinfolk bar, and a lot of the kinfolk are also kinain of the fae "House of Fionn" …
… and then the Malkavians like to hang out with the fae as well.

Ironically, the poor relations between the two have nothing to do with anything a normal garou would care about, i.e. the bizarre, Litany-bending or even Litany-breaking behavior that either of them engages in.
As a Child of Gaia, Judges-Not doesn't bat an eyelash at Smashes being a charach, even though that's what got the Glasswalker exiled in shame from Chicago to Florida. And Smashes-the-Glass-Ceiling doesn't have any objection to Judges-Not's rather extreme notions on how merciful one should be toward leeches. After all, those are her business partners.

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