Jeff Johnson

Name: Jeff Johnson

Creature Type: Human (?)


Jeff Johnson is a white male in his late 20's. He is slender but fit, with brown eyes and dirty blond hair. He always looks like he's about two weeks overdue for a haircut. He usually has an easy smile on his face and a relaxed manner that can disarm even the most suspicious people (usually).

Everyday Outfit: Jeff wears sneakers, blue jeans, and t-shirts most of the time, sometimes one with an iron-on iconic pattern of lines, curves and dots.

Battle Gear Same.

Common Knowledge

Jeff Johnson is a wandering folksinger, originally from New York. Since dropping out of college (he claims his coursework got in the way of his music), he has made a modest living traveling across the United States from one venue to another, loosely following a schedule designed to intersect with the major folk festivals and at the same time allow him a great deal of freedom to roam wherever the road takes him. His vehicle is a VW minivan, outfitted for living and loving on the road. He is cheerful to a fault, largely unflappable, and rarely in a bad mood, even when in a difficult or dangerous situation.

Kin / family: Unknown. His parents are believed to live in New York.

Quests: Jeff Johnson is a true hippie and peacemaker, doing his best to find accord and friendship with the various supernatural creatures of the world when possible, and ending their threat when it is not. He is very pleased with the progress he has made becoming part of the South Florida community of supernaturals. The primary reason for this (which he makes no secret to any that will listen) is that he is gathering a union of supernaturals to confront the threat of the traveling Midnight Circus, which winters in Homestead in South Florida. If Jeff can be said to be any kind of "hunter," the Circus is his prey. He has been quietly shadowing them for about three years and gathering information, which he freely shares with any supernatural that agrees to help and be cautious (and subtle) about doing it.


* Jeff has a bit of a reputation as a horndog, though he claims he is simply a free spirit, finding love whenever he can with whomever is there at the time, if the moment is right. That said, he does have an obvious habit of bedding hot supernatural women. :-)
* Jeff is rumored to be a monster hunter, though he will regularly claim that he is a peacemaker and bridge-builder, not a hunter.
* Jeff is also rumored to be a mage, sorcerer, or other type of magic-wielding being. He is known to be able to sense what kind of creature someone is and what kind of powers they possess, with an uncanny degree of accuracy. Despite this…
* Jeff steadily maintains that he is "merely human." Despite his earnest statements to this effect, most of the South Florida supernaturals disagree.
* Jeff is welcome at any non-banned site in the South Florida area.
* Mr. Grey considers Jeff one of his many pawns. Jeff considers Mr. Grey to be of the opinion that everyone is his pawn and usually pays no mind to it.
* Jeff has a knack for showing up in the right place at the right time, and has an uncanny gift for easing himself into just about any social situation with just about any type of supernatural or human.
* Jeff Johnson is considered a trusting, honest fool by most…but a USEFUL trusting, honest fool.
* Jeff is known for keeping his word and helping others whenever necessary, making him a useful resource.
* Jeff has a reputation for taking on lost causes and trying to redeem the irredeemable. His positive, glass-is-half-full-and-then-some attitude is infectious and carries him through when others would give up and quit.
* Jeff speaks ill of very few people, usually a gypsy that he prefers not to talk much about.
* It is rumored that Jeff is a New Age fanatic of sorts, believing that he lives a charmed life, and that someone up there is watching over him.
* Jeff is the eternal optimist, the human embodiment of Hope.

Daily Routine

Jeff tends to wander about whatever community he is in at any given time. He is well versed with the rules and methods of living out of his minivan and meeting his basic needs. He enjoys sightseeing and meeting people, but coffeehouses, bars and pubs are his usual venues for socializing. He keeps an irregular performing schedule, but shows up at the haunts frequented most commonly by supernaturals of various stripes (Maguire's, Bell Book and Candle, etc.).


Jeff is a native of Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York. Little is known of his past save his wandering nature. He claims that his grandparents left him a trust fund that was supposed to pay for college, but instead bought his VW minibus and finances a fair amount of his expenses. He has yet to record a CD of any kind, though he has written original material. His style is both quirky and earnest, best enjoyed with an acoustic guitar and a smoky bar. His signature songs include the social satire "What's a Poor Jesus to Do?" that has gotten him banned from certain venues, much to his delight. :-)


"Wow, that's really interesting! Which reminds me of a song…" (grabbing his guitar)

IC Contact Info

* Jeff's cell phone number is available to most of his local friends and is not too hard to acquire.
* Jeff parks his minivan for the night at a trailer park usually, but is known to crash wherever he can park legally. While he welcomes the opportunity to crash in a real apartment or house, he is just as comfortable in the sleeping bag in the back of his van, or anywhere he can curl up and snooze.


* The Poet Game by Greg Brown (the quintessential Jeff song! MUST LISTEN!)

OOC Information

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