Joshua Talltrees

Name: Joshua Talltrees, a.k.a "Honors-The-Old-Ways"

Tribe: Uktena

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Cliath 1 (challenging for Fostern 2)

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits: Taciturn, Sarcastic, Serious

Pack: Cirque du S'Lay


Basic Homid Description: Joshua is a teenaged Native American, age 19, with an average build, in good shape, with long black hair tied to the side in two braids. He is not the most handsome young man, but he is growing out of the "awkward" part of adolescence and has begun to finally resemble the man he is becoming.

Joshua wears either modern casual or "modern" Native garb most of the time, but enjoys traditional garb when he can manage it. He has a serious expression on his face most of the time, often bearing a sarcastic or mocking smirk, particularly when dealing with "the white man."

Basic Crinos Description: While his Crinos form is as imposing as any other, his demeanor has far less rage apparent on the surface. His movements are fluid and graceful, rarely rushed unless he is pressed into combat or similar activity. The careful observer will note that his posture and way of moving are very similar between homid and crinos forms, and can recognize him this way, especially when he is performing rites or using magic.

Basic Lupus Description: Joshua's lupus form has light brown fur with a reddish tinge to it, with sharp, piercing eyes that seem to know far more than they should. Even in this form, he appears calm and wise.

Everyday Outfit: Joshua usually wears casual garb (jeans, t-shirt, sneakers) in his everyday travels. He always has trinkets of various sorts that he hand-crafted himself as decoration, and is never seen without his medicine pouch.

Battle Gear Besides dedicated casual-wear, Joshua has a brightly-colored Seminole ceremonial garb that is dedicated. He rarely wears this except on the bawn and then only when there is a meeting or ritual to be performed.

Common Knowledge

==Information known to the Nation== Joshua is a Native American (Seminole) in his late teens, out of high school. He works part time at the Hard Rock Casino at "The Rez" for cash and is otherwise found at the River of Grass Caern most of the time. Joshua easily slips into the role of spiritual advisor and wise man, freely offering his insights to his packmates and other garou. He is the calm center of his pack and plays that role well.

Kin / family:

Rites and Challenges:

* Rite of Cleansing
* Rite of Binding
* Rite of Summoning
* Rite of the Fetish

Quests: Seeking the formula for the creation of a new fetish to protect outsiders from the "drain" effect that happens to visitors of the Midnight Circus.


* Spends a great deal of his time studying and working with his Uktena elders at the caern; some of the locals wonder just what exactly they are up to. Joshua, for his part, is not talking about it, except to say that he aids them in the rituals necessary for the functioning of the caern.
* It is rumored that Joshua is seeking information about the folksinger Jeff Johnson.
* Whispers are heard that Joshua might consider seeking a challenge for leadership of his pack.
* Some of the local garou wonder about the 'secret rituals' Joshua performs with his Uktena elders and whether or not it is safe for such a young garou to be doing so.
* A few eyebrows have been raised by the notion that Joshua is seeking wolf kinfolk with whom to breed.

Daily Routine

Most garou aren't really certain what kind of schedule Joshua keeps. It is known that the majority of his time is spent on the bawn, usually in the company of his Uktena mentors. He is occasionally found doing odd jobs around the Hard Rock Casino on "The Rez" or delivering his hand-crafted jewelry and leatherwork for sale at the gift shoppe. Otherwise he is found in the company of his new pack, often at their favorite new hangout, Maguire's Pub.


Joshua Talltrees grew up on the Seminole reservation in South Florida. Unlike many of the youth of his generation, Joshua is a firm lover of his traditions and has learned much about "the old ways" of his tribe. While he doesn't hate all white folk, he has a healthy level of suspicion when dealing with any of them. His family has made money by making and selling "authentic Native American crafts." Technically this is true, since "authentic Native Americans" made them! More recently, he has found steady part-time work at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on "The Rez" which has given him steady spending money.

Two years ago, the tribal elders told Joshua that he was to go on a spirit quest with other tribesmen to a sacred place in the Everglades. This turned out to be an Uktena caern, and he was initated into the ways of his people (and Garou society) by the two elder Theurges of the caern. He has quickly adapted to his new identity, and eagerly seeks out knowledge and secrets while advancing in rank. He has learned a healthy respect for the elder Theurges, "Touches Evil" and "Speaks-in-Silence," even though they eagerly abuse his lesser status by making excessive demands of him in exchange for their knowledge and secrets. He considers this simply a matter of "paying his dues" in order to advance himself and does so with a minimum of grumbling, since it is well worth the effort for what he gets in the end.


"We are garou, so we are social creatures. If our pack comes together, it is our greatest strength. If it does not, it is our greatest weakness."

IC Contact Info

* Joshua's cell phone number is available to most garou in the area upon request, others at his discretion.
* Joshua is usually found at the Sept of the River of Grass caern with his Uktena elders.
* When away from the caern, he is often (though not always) in the company of Spits-The-Truth.
* Joshua often is found hanging out at Maguire's mingling with the other garou and supernatural visitors.


* Pink Floyd, "Learning to Fly" (mainly for the video)

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