This is the central page for information about kinfolk in the "Moral Victory" chronicle for Werewolf: The Apocalypse.


Kinfolk as PCs
Kinfolk as NPCs
Kinfolk demographics

Kinfolk Demographics:

According to the official canon there are approximately 10 to 15 kinfolk per garou, or 20 to 30 kinfolk per million humans.
Since South Florida has a total population of slightly over 6 million people, this would normally be 120 to 200 kinfolk.

In fact, the amount and distribution of kinfolk in the chronicle is based primarily on actual counts of kinfolk for each garou, both PC and NPC.
All but of the NPC garou in the game have several points in Kinfolk, each. That means approximately 100 Uktena, 50 Children of Gaia, 15 Glass Walker, 50 Fianna, and 150 Bone Gnawer kinfolk, plus any possessed by PCs.

Kinfolk as Characters
Kinfolk characters are created with 6/4/3 attributes, 11/7/4 abilities, willpower as specified by tribe (almost always 3), 5 backgrounds, and 21 "free" character points. Kinfolk PCs get an additional 15 character points.

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