Player: Christina

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Lupus Form: Husky/Arctic Wolf

Tribe: Wendigo

Born: March 30, 1991

Auspice/Moon: Ahroun

Rank: Cub




Basic Homid Description: Knee length Black hair, half Inuit/Scandinavian, Pale skin and blue eyes standing at 5'7"


Basic Crinos Description:

Basic Lupus Description:


Everyday Outfit:
Denim and Sneakers, black t-shirt usualy with some slogan or rock group on it. Long inky hair in a braid down to her knees.

Battle Gear:


Strength * * * Charisma * Perception * * *
Dexterity * * * Manipulation * Intelligence * * *
Stamina * * * * Appearance * * * Wits * * *


Alertness * * Animal Ken Computer
Athletics * * * Crafts Enigmas
Brawl * * * Drive * Investigation * *
Dodge * * * * Etiquette Law
Empathy * * Firearms * * * Linguistics *
Expression * Leadership * Medicine *
Intimidation * Melee * * Occult
Primal-Urge * * Performance Politics *
Streetwise * Stealth * Rituals
Subterfuge Survival * * * Science


Pure Breed * * *
Fetish * *
Rage * * * * * *
Gnosis *
Willpower * * * * * *


* Unknown
o Father
o Unknown
o Stayed heroically behind to cover the retreat of the rest of his pack when they were attacked by Black Spiral Dancers. He was left for dead on the battlefield. Koko's mother found him and realized he was alive — barely — and she nursed him back to health, and they fell in love.

* Unknown
o Mother
o Unknown
o Of the Wendigo, mated to a Silver Fang.

Common Knowledge

* Inuit from Yukon, orphan badly raised in the foster-care system.
* Tough and not about to be walked over. Though she's got a soft heart she tries in vain to hide.
* Brought to South Florida by Spits-the-Truth
* Was thought to be a kinfolk, went through First Change late — probably from being malnourished as a child


* Purchased a whore for Spits?!
* Silver Fang Princess?

Daily Routine

* Tidies Sybil's house and jogs, chases rabbits in her lupus form.
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• How old are you? 18, 19 maybe 20.
• What was your family life like? What family?
• When did you have your First Change? March, 2010
• When did you meet your packmates? Spits-the-Truth introduced us.
• Where do you live now? Ft. Lauderdale FL
• Do you continue to live a normal life? No.
• What motivates you? Survival.


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OOC Information

Player: Christina
Time Zone: North American Pacific (GMT -8)

Location: British Columbia

Contact Info:

* E-mail: ac.oohay|ino_aus#ac.oohay|ino_aus
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