Scene: Maguire's Pub (Fianna kinfolk bar *and* Celtic fae "freehold"), Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (This is a real location.)

"Maguire's — home of the daily garou fight!" -Draws-the-Net, Glasswalker galliard

The simplest description of Maguire's is that it's like Friday's, Bennigan's, Applebee's, or Outback Steak House, but with much more Irish stuff and more liquor. But I repeat myself. And this isn't actually the best description, just the simplest for those who don't know what an Americanized version of an Irish pub is like.

On the inside it's a typical (though rather large) imitation Irish pub and microbrewery, and they have a parking lot where they often hold concerts for the Minstrels of Mayhem and other performers. (Look at the video for "Roots" by Show of Hands and you'll see both the inside and the outside.)

Because of the close tie between the Fianna tribe of garou and the House of Fiona of the Faerie, both garou and fae are welcome here.
Generally, everyone in the bar (other than PCs and specific named NPCs) will be either kinfolk or kinain.

It's also officially neutral territory which allows the leeches to visit as well, which happens occasionally for diplomatic meetings, but it is much more common for the "Broken Mirror tribe" of leeches to visit socially.

The garou usually use the back room and put up a sign that reads "Atkins Diet Support Group" to signify their presence.

There is often a traditional Celtic musical performance, the sort of British folk music done by groups like Show Of Hands and singers like Andy Irvine:

The important thing is to know for game purposes is that it's full of Fianna kinfolk, and Celtic kinain, and even the mundane tourists who come in are Enchanted so they don't mind seeing garou walking around in Crinos. Afterwards they just think it was a dream or that they must have been *really* drunk.

The specialties of the house include their own microbrews, "hearty beef-barley-vegetable soup," the "ploughman's lunch," and corned beef sandwiches, including Reubens.

"Welcome to Maguires, where barfights are not only expected, but planned for in the annual budget!" — Common greeting from the staff of Maguires

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