Olivia Sylvan

Olivia Sylvan

Player: nyneave

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Born: August 15, 1964

Pack, Sept, and/or Individual Garou Associated With: River of Grass Sept

Titles: -


Basic Description:
Olivia is a middle-aged, slim woman of average height with long blonde hair, usually worn in a heavy braid, and blue eyes.

Everyday Outfit:

Battle Gear:


  • Svea
    • Daughter
    • <Deed Names>
    • <Some basic information>

Common Knowledge

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Daily Routine


[Character History]

• How old are you?
• What was your family life like?
• What do you know about the Garou?
• How do you feel about the Garou?
• Where do you live now?
• Do you continue to live a normal life?
• What motivates you?


IC Contact Info


OOC Information

Player: nyneave

Time Zone: UTC+1

Location: Germany

Contact Info:

  • IRC: nyneave


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