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Joshua Talltrees

The following conversation was overheard by some wandering spirits near the bawn of the River of Grass Caern in the Everglades Forest/Swamp recently. Joshua Talltrees decided to catch up on recent events with his Uktena elders in time-honored tradition: smoking the peace pipe, loaded with some good pot grown from seeds that he got from some Children of Gaia up in Tampa, and imbued with awakened spirits for extra kick. His elders proved their superior tolerance by the end of the meeting.

(OOC, much love to Nadja and her player…Joshua really DOES love her, but he is not above discussing any of his pack’s shortcomings with the Elders, who need to be kept in the loop!)

<Joshua_Talltrees> The sooner I talk about this to the pack, the sooner Spits will find out and weasel in. ;-)

<Uktena_Elders> The three of you meet in the sacred Uktena grove and pass the bong around. It's a beautiful, peaceful grove of willow and mangrove trees, and there's a patch of muck covering the pit where you have the staked leeches whose tongues you rip out periodically …

<Joshua_Talltrees> "I suppose we should catch up on recent events."

<Uktena_Elders> Speaks-in-Silence nods at you and Touches-Evil fills the pipe with sacred Uktena weed, grown from the seeds you brought back from Tampa.

<Joshua_Talltrees> I'll do a Rite of Cleansing just to be safe. I like my shit without shit.

<Joshua_Talltrees> * lights up and takes a turn getting a hit.

<Joshua_Talltrees> As his world starts to turn green…."So…things have been…happening….Did you hear…about the last…moot…?"

<Uktena_Elders> They nod sagely. "It is not good for Uktena-of-the-River to ask for fire-in-water for chiminage … " one says, and the other adds "… and not share with us."

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Feh. You know…as well as I…what fire-water has done…to our people…Realizing that…Suffers was the one…that offered it…she meant no harm…I feel it is best…to drop the matter…no need to lodge a complaint…but we should watch…Uktena-of-the-River…carefully…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> * takes another hit.

<Uktena_Elders> They both nod again and take their turns.

<Joshua_Talltrees> (and loving the irony of Joshua talking about substance abuse problems while getting stoned)

<Uktena_Elders> (No, this is *organic* and good for you! Plus when you're stoned on it, you get some sort of benefits like -1 difficulty on all Gnosis rolls, and +1 difficulty on all Rage rolls!)

<Joshua_Talltrees> (of course lol! Happy fuzzy feelings!)

<Joshua_Talltrees> "We have had…pack issues…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Our elected pack leader…Nadja, Shadow Lord…not ideal choice…fighting harano, stubborn…no empathy…Frankly, a real #$%^ at times…but she is our #$%^…"

<Uktena_Elders> Both make the sign for Crazy White Women, pointing out she was appointed by the Angry Crazy White Woman.

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Yyyyyep. Well….we did not know…no one really knew her…she told us of the Circus…no one wanted to be alpha…we agreed to her, she had fire and spirit…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> "But she and Sybil…like oil and flame…came to a challenge…Nadja keeps pissing off the world…not healthy…"

<Uktena_Elders> They point out that a bad alpha is better than no alpha at all — usually. And that an alpha who doesn't want to be alpha is like no alpha at all.

< Joshua_Talltrees> "Not quite…under her…pack would not gel…we were not truly pack…no totem for a month…little done…hurting each other more than the…fucking Wyrm."

<Uktena_Elders> They nod yet again. Speaks-in-Silence gestures "No totem = no pack"

<Joshua_Talltrees> " Exactly. No pack…Had planned…challenge…if necessary…don't want to…am shaman not leader…Troi not Picard…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Dammit Jim…doctor not pack leader…" he giggles again.

<Joshua_Talltrees> "So instead…chose nuclear option…quit pack…Sybil quit…started new pack…fresh…still working on leader…probably Sybil, me as beta, again…"

<Uktena_Elders> They nod again and take their turns sucking on the pipe, and one of them blows some smoke rings, while the other blows smoke out his nostrils.

<Joshua_Talltrees> * Takes a toke, tries to imitate the smoke rings.

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Anyhow, will see…pack must meet…again…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Oh, other things…Figured out part of riddle…finally…found Stargazer theurge…that is not Stargazer…or theurge…All along…in front of nose…folksinger, Jeff something…he is somehow…key to many things…Will watch more closely."

<Uktena_Elders> They look at each other and back at you. "What did Sphinx-of-Bronze say?"

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Haven't…got back to Sphinx…been busy…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Truth…nice fellow…hate to admit it…wish Sybil would take up with him…instead of that Urrah Get kinfolk…"

<Uktena_Elders> Again the sign for Angry Crazy White Woman.

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Proof that all white men…not a loss…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> * laughs and takes a nice long pull with a long, smooth exhale, followed by a big-ass grin.

<Joshua_Talltrees> "Oh…getting more kinfolk of late…new fellow…must ask…can talk with microwave…seemed to have Gnosis…weaver-tainted…Strange…first thought, before first change…but no, kinfolk…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> * he looks inquisitively at the half-dozen elders he sees flickering before him.

<Uktena_Elders> Some of them nod, some shake their heads, some shrug their shoulders and some look impassively. At least one gets up and does a war dance …

<Joshua_Talltrees> * reaches for the peace pipes he sees before him, trying to find the right one.

<Joshua_Talltrees> "I think…that is all…"

<Joshua_Talltrees> * stumbles on his hands and knees and falls to the ground in hysterical giggling.

Jeff Johnson's Warning to the Garou Nation

Note: This adventure will be played out in the Vampire/Changeling venue on Wednesday nights. It is being posted here because Jeff is just a nice guy and wants to warn everyone about the potential danger.

In a rather unusual move, Jeff Johnson, mortal and friend to supernaturals, showed up gave a detailed warning to the garou at Maguire's, with a request to pass said information along to any and all garou, kinfolk, and other supernaturals in the area. His visit was short, as he had others to warn about recent events, but his message was taken seriously by all and passed along to others. This was his message:

"Thank you for listening. I became aware of a situation that affects all of you, and I suggest you take it seriously and pass it along to others. This is not the sort of thing I do every day but I do it with good reason.

"There is a self-proclaimed monster-hunter in South Florida, or at least I think there is. His name is Anton Van Dyke, and he dropped off the radar in the early 1990's and was presumed dead. The worst kind of hunter, intolerant of any and all supernaturals, he and his posse were a vicious group of thugs and killers. They operated over in Europe and were vicious bullies and murderers. Many wild rumors spread among my particular community at the time, long before I got involved, but then he suddenly disappeared in 2003 and was presumed dead. Until his name ended up on a note left by the vampire suicide clown on the news the other day.

"I was contacted by one of Van Dyke's former allies, who claims he quit Anton's group when they killed his wife, whom he claimed was a 'loup garou." How this happened I am not sure…to be honest, even I find this a bit suspicious, since my contact would have KNOWN she was supernatural…so I am not sure if he is being honest with me or if it is Anton lying to me. The only contact we had was over the internet so I am fairly sure he has not traced me here. I am taking precautions to make sure I do not advertise myself here to other hunters until this crisis is resolved.

"He mentioned that if I knew any supernaturals around here I should warn them and watch over them closely. I said I would keep that in mind, but did NOT tell him anything about my friendly relations here. I figured the less I said, the better.

"He also shared with me some files and a picture of Van Dyke that I am sharing with you. Please pass this along to others as a warning. Apparently he killed the rest of his followers except my contact before disappearing. In the end he was reportedly increasingly paranoid and delusional, which does not surprise me.

"Note that the murder dates were all done every other month on the 10th of the month. I will see if I can learn more about that from my contact.

"If you DO somehow run into him, assume he is extremely dangerous even for you. Yes, you. Any of you. I know firsthand the powers we hunters have, and to be blunt, at times I have been able to sneak among you unnoticed. I am not nearly as experienced as Anton must be, so assume that anything I can do, he can do better. All it takes is one silver bullet and any of you are dead. His actual powers are NOT known to me or my contact…he tended to use telegrams to contact others in his group and rarely dealt with them in person, like in Charlie's Angels. Shunned technology too, or so my contact says.

"I am heading out to find and warn others of this problem. I will do my best to locate him myself and deal with him. If anyone somehow finds him or clues leading to his activities, please be careful, avoid contact, and get in touch with me immediately. My cell number is on the printout for any that need it.

"I need to go warn others about Anton. So like they used to say on Hill Street Blues…lets' be careful out there."

The following information was handed out on computer printout for everyone:

1. Alexandra Carson - hung from a meat hook and eviscerated…both legs were pierced by the hooks through muscle and bone went. A note attached in her handwriting: "I always was told I had a lot of guts…guess they were right." Found in a slaughterhouse. Missing February 10th, 2003.

2. Alexi Carson (Alexandra’s twin brother) - drained of blood and embalmed while still alive. Was found in a funeral home bound to the embalming table with handcuffs and gagged. A note attached in his handwriting "I wanted to be remembered. I am now preserved." Went missing on April 10th, 2003.

3. Reynard Ferris - found in a janitor’s closet in an office building. He had bleach injected directly into his heart. A note in his handwriting said: "I was a stain on humanity…I hope this cleans things up." Went missing on June 10th, 2003.

4. Charles Ring - found in a construction yard with a pressure water washer in his anus left turned on. Died from ruptured organs. A note left in his handwriting: "I wanted to wash away my sins…I hope this suffices." Found August 10th, 2003.

5. Eric Katruk - found dead in the back room of a pet store tied to the floor, a hole in his abdomen and various holes in his torso, bloody rats running around the room. The hole above his abdomen a cage resting there…the starving rats had eaten their way down through his stomach and out the sides. His note said: "There is supposed to be good in everyone…I hope the rats enjoyed mine." Found October 10th, 2003.

6. Anton van Dyke - went missing from his home on December 10th, 2003. He had become a recluse, not leaving his home for months. Paranoid, insisting that the monsters were coming for him. The classic locked door mystery, his study shows signs of a struggle but the room was locked from the inside with the alarm set. A note left on his desk in his handwriting: "I am off to meet my maker…I hope I enjoy the show." Two drops of blood staining the note.

A picture of Anton (prior to his disappearance in 2003) can be found at this link: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100325053524/whispersrp/images/0/0c/Anton-Van-Dyke.jpg

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