Petra Eberharter

Player: Sabriel/Ewe

Aliases: Pet

Creature Type: Vampire

Tribe/Clan/Other: Thin Blood

Born: 8th of January 1981


Basic Description:
Petra is a strange girl appearing frozen almost in a youthful ideal that one might find in a glossy advert, with rosy cheeks, beaming blue eyes and golden hair a young woman in bloom with a healthy curvaceous figure one might stereotypically imagine of a Germanic girl. The fact that most of the time she wears her hair in braids or braided buns does not help to dismiss her almost cliché look only her outfits tend to break from the tradition. There is a glint of lost innocence to her and a sense that she is not quite all there.

Possessions: None

Common Knowledge

Petra Eberharter is of Austrian/German decent
Petra Eberharter was once a part of a group of travellers
Petra Eberharter seams to be quite deranged it is not clear why but perhaps her seer like abilities are the cause of this.


Petra Eberharter Is a Gypsy
Petra Eberharter Is a Seer.
Petra Eberharter Is a Mortal
Petra Eberharter Is a Ghoul


Petra was born on the 8th of January 1981 in Tarsdorf Austria this was the beginning of her mortal life and the start of a very confusing life. Petra was embraced when she was 27 although she appears younger an youthful almost like she is poster girl for the Sound of Music or some Youth group. Petra is not very mature at all having a docile nature and a unnatural need to please and be forgiven for her imagined or real burdens. Petra's view of her past and childhood are quite distorted and missing in places what she remembers is a collection of things most of which are whimsical and vague. Petra was raised in a rather traditional and strict Austrian family she was doted on and loved but always expected to behave and learn and help. Unfortunately for Petra she had a very hard time fitting into the majority of her families view of the world, only her grandmother who was very old and wise but slightly addled really connected with her. Petra was at heart a very unusual girl she was an outcast because of her strange ideas and views the things she said made no sense to most and many labelled her crazy or simply just dumb. She had an innocent quality about her and was easily swayed by others which is what eventually led Petra to run away a group of wandering travellers. Petra has always had a slight element of the supernatural in her life although she has been truly quite oblivious of it in some regards, she recalls vaguely flashes of premonitions and voices speaking to her but she remember these elements as a natural part of her life. Her first true brush with the supernatural however would be that of her Embrace which was perhaps the most traumatic and tragic event to date in Petra's life and one which would change her forever. Petra's sire was as she remembers it a love and a bond of deep friendship all be it a very short one, she remembers little of how the pair met or how long they knew each other only that her friend and love went missing and that she begun to worry deeply and then one night he returned to her looking like he had dragged himself from his own grave with a bizarre glint in his eye. He told Petra a strange tale of how he had survived a test and been made into one of Caine's children by a coven of vampires who where recruiting in the area. Much of what he told her was lost to her ears and just confused her the only real part she understood was that he was still alive in a sense and that was at least something not to worry about. Unfortunately Petra's sire was not quite as free to wander about and do as he wanted as he claimed and several nights later Petra's was found by her sire amid the bodies of her adopted outcast family on the verge of death all drained of blood. Her Sire not knowing any differently followed the practices he had been submitted to himself and fed Petra still warm body his own vitae in the hopes of preserving her he then buried her in the earth and waited for her to claw her way back into the world. This was where Petra's existence as one of the undead begun and where her relationship with her sire ended. Petra's mind was shattered by the embrace as she came to and aware of her new existence a flurry of thoughts confusion and hunger raced through her mind. As she clawed her way through dirt and soil her beast raged and took control of her the blood in her veins claimed more and more of who she was and when she emerged from the earth to see her waiting sire her first and only thoughts where ravenous hunger for blood. Petra came to her senses caked in dirt and blood the lifeless body of her sire beside her. She fled into the night her mind pushing her away from the confrontation and feelings her beast clawing at her mind to survive. Petra firmly believes she killed her sire and since she has never seen him again this fact plagues her still. Petra resides now where she can she maintains a small run down apartment and sleeps anywhere she can when it is safe to do so. She has slipped further and further into moral decay as she strives to survive and the haunting feeling that she is cursed and alone drives her to do things she would not normally do to get by. Petra is motivated by a number of things but her mind is in a constant state of flux she is unsure of who she is most of the time and is quite willing to let other people dictate that fact, she seeks forgiveness and approval for imagined slights and wrongs and attempts to gain favour with anyone she believes can help or care for her. Behind all this however lurks her beast and the undying will to survive at any cost which is perhaps to blame for her broken mind and slipping morality and willingness to slip further just to continue to exist in some sense or another.


“Stormy sadness' sister, see our lonely skiff sunk down by starry skies: the silent face of night.”
“Why, is it always gone where does it all go ?”
“The dark, taps at the door, tap tap tap…should I open the door asks the light, the bad boys shake there heads for they know the dark, but light wishes to see to reveal what is beyond. I wonder what the bad boys fear, speak of the dark not they whisper do not open the door yet.”
“Is this another bad dream ? ”
“Is it time yet ?”

Name: Petra Eberharter Clan: Caitiff
Player: Ewe Other: Thin Blood
Age: Apperant: 20 True: 28 Concept: Outcast seer

Nature: Child Demeanor: Gallant
Allegiance: Camarilla Generation: 15
Gender: Female

Strength: 2 Charisma: 3 Perception: 3
Dexterity: 2 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 2 Appearance: 3 Wits: 3

Alertness: 0 Animal Ken: 1 Academics: 1
Athletics: 0 Crafts: 0 Computer: 1
Brawl: 2 Drive: 1 Finance: 1
Dodge: 2 Etiquette: 0 Investigation: 0
Empathy: 3 Firearms: 0 Law: 1
Expression: 0 Melee: 1 Linguistics: 1
Intimidation: 0 Performance: 0 Medicine: 1
Leadership: 0 Security: 1 Occult: 2
Streetwise: 2 Stealth: 2 Politics: 0
Subterfuge: 3 Survival: 1 Science: 1


Demetation 1
Auspex 1
Obfuscate 1

Backgrounds Virtues
Resources 1 Conscience: 4
Insight 4 Self Control: 4
Courage: 2
Humanity: 8


Merits: Medium (2pt Supernatural Merit), Oracular Ability ( 3pt Surpernatural Merit), Inoffensive to Animals (1pt Supernatural Merit),Deceptive Aura (1pt Supernatural Merit) Blush of Health (2pt Pysical Merit bought with freebies)

Flaws: 15th Generation (4pts Physical Flaw), Clan Weakness: Malkavian - Sanguinary Animism (2pt Supernatural Flaw) Nightmares (1pt Mental Flaw)

2 Temp: 2

Languages: German/English

Notes: Freebie points spent: 10 points to buy Obfuscate 1, 6 points in abilities to buy a dot each of Stealth, Animal Ken and Occult, 2 points to buy the merit Blush of Health = 18 points total.

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