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"We are garou, so we are social creatures. If our pack comes together, it is our greatest strength. If it does not, it is our greatest weakness." -Joshua "Honors-the-Old-Ways" Talltrees, Uktena Theurge

"I may not be an Ahroun…but I fight smarter, not harder." -Alexander Slayer-of-Legends, Silent Strider Philodox

"Granted, smarter means ninety percent of the time I either aim for the head, or shoot fire at it, or both, but still." -Ibid.

"You want secrets and enigmas? We got them coming out the wazoo! Enlightenment … eh, I ain't too sure." -Spits-the-Truth, Shadow Lord Ragabash, Fool of the River of Grass Caern and third-rate stand-up comic

"We are garou. Our concept of 'subtle' is to wipe up the blood stains afterwards." -Joshua Talltrees

"You … don't shave very often, do you?" -Spits-the-Truth, Shadow Lord Ragabash, to a flirty female Satyr

"Welcome to Maguire's, home of the daily garou fight!" -Draws-the-Net

"Lay down or I'll hit you and heal you again!" -Draws-the-Net

"This is like watching a soap opera, but with combat." -Nadia Truewater, Fae chanteuse

"This van was not built to house a Garou fight so please keep calm until you exit the vehicle." -Draws-the-Net

"Sybil is the best ahroun we never had … Actually, with Nadja and Sybil not here, our chances of a fight are drastically reduced right now." -Joshua Talltrees

"The rest of you…please try not to attack each other for a few minutes? This is a hospital zone, after all." -Joshua Talltrees

"I am way behind on my bar fights dammit!" -Sybil Angelis, Black Fury Theurge

"I have yet to hear the full story of your fights with the woman you keep trying to manhandle against her wishes. I know she can take care of herself and plan to let her. But if you ever do anything more offensive than these feeble attempts at groping again, you should pray that she or her brother get to you first. Because if I do, I swear I will rip off your balls and strangle you with the strands that used to connect them to your body. And believe me, I HAVE ways of doing that." - Joshua Talltrees, Uktena Theurge, to Carl Sinclair, Get of Fenris Kinfolk

Nadia_Truewater curtsising to the crowd she steps off stage and heads to the table having spied Spits while up preforming. "Spits you're all right I hope! No more passing out in the parking lot later on?"

"We do not discriminate on the basis of geography — that would be like racism. Also, it would be an honor to Uktena to have a Native American take the role." -Judges-Not

"You know, it's the Silver Fangs that are too frackin' stupid or stuck-up to apologize, not us. A good Shadow Lord will swallow his pride in order to win something more important." =====Spits-the-Truth

Sybil_Angelis: "If Nadja kills herself i will find a way to summon her back and i will [deleted] kill her again."

"So it's the 'New Garou Review,' eh?" - Jeff Johnson

Draws-the-net takes it all in: the snow, the majesty of the scenery, the F**king cold…

"Welcome to Mutual of Omaha's Wild Umbra!" -Draws-the-Net

"I'm in ur brain, playin' wit ur noorons" -Quistar, on the Weaver-avatar sticking its hand into Locke's brain.

"Um, Sybil, could you slow down a bit? I think we left my spleen back at that last intersection…" - Joshua Talltrees

"So…what? Are you a Namebreaker?" -Joshua Talltrees
"I am a meta-reality engineer with a focus on large-scale maintenance and correction of the Grand Pattern!" -Charles Locke, kinfolk and newly awakened mage
"So…you're a Namebreaker, right?" -Joshua Talltrees

Well, that and "My Fetish the Car" and the haunted circus and the prince claims to be descended from God and there are two kindred who think they're in a comic book and only one of them is Malkavian.

A bit of convivial conversation in the car, a bit of "necking" if you will excuse the expression, and the limousine arrives at the museum.
And if she's a bit more pale, and he's a bit less so, that's nobody's business but their own, is it?

"The rod up that's man's ass must have a rod jammed up its ass." — Katrinka Frey, Get of Fenris Philodox

Q: What is the difference between a retard and a ragabash?
A (from Quistar): About seven letters?

"Welcome to Maguires, where barfights are not only expected, but planned for in the annual budget!" — Common greeting from the staff of Maguires

"Man, I'm beat. Lets' get to bed." — Jeff Johnson to his bedmates for the evening, Sarena Ellis (vampire) and Penny Dreadful (changeling)

"Oh, fuck, I didn't bring a weapon!" — Sybil Angelis, kick-ass Glass Walker theurge
"Sybil, you ARE a fucking weapon!" — Joshua Talltrees, introspective Uktena theurge

Draws-the-Net: "Security cameras and computer $2,000 , meth lab equipment,$500 guns$1,000 blowing up leeches-priceless!"

Joshua_Talltrees "..trying to touch my labrys…" sounds so dirty out of context. and 02:56 Joshua_Talltrees Well, stupidity leads to character creation.

Carl_Sinclair one of these days he's gonna walk in..she is gonna stare at him in that pissed off way and hes gonna be like "wait wait wait..ill do it myself " and promptly punch himself in the groin
03:14 Joshua_Talltrees Would be less painful.
03:15 Carl_Sinclair indeed
03:15 Draws-watching lol carl beating her to the Punch Huh?

"Tell me, Joshua, have you ever seen anything like a talking cat in your life?? I mean besides talking birds, squirrels, rabbits, rats, wolves, alligators, deer, statues, horses, flying horses, unicorns, and giant horned snakes." -Spits-the-Truth

Joshua_Talltrees "I am sorry, Nadja, I have lost track of the number of people that do not like you. Which one do you mean?"

Shammie Most of the times spirits awaken with "who dares disturb my slumber?" this is the only one that starts with "who dares disturb my hangover?"

Joshua_Talltrees An enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped around an Umbral brick hurled through the window of the fourth wall.

Draws-the-Net: "and now the daily Garou fight,brought to you by X vs Y the male/female fight perfume"

"Jeff…..you're a hunter." — Xaphan, demon
"And you're a demon. Your point?" — Jeff Johnson, the hunter that doesn't hunt

"Hide yer kinfolk! If Spits don't get 'em, Draws will!" — Joshua Talltrees, in a hick southern drawl.

"This is Howls at Luna, the Warder of this sept. He normaly doesn't bleed this much." -Draws-the-Net, to Caelin, upon her arrival at the caern

"Sometimes I can't help but wonder whether I'm really at a caern, or if Deals-with-Death somehow sent me into some obscure realm of Garou madness." -Nadja

"As long as he doesn't attack her or hump her we're okay…" — Joshua Talltrees

"Tempus fuggedaboudit?" -Sarena Ellis

Jeff_Johnson: "Anton is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in a riddle wrapped around a brick that is thrown through the window of reality."

Caelin> People who blackmail, and threaten, and twist words,… I've never had any respect for. <Nadja> "Gee, you've just described my entire family!"


And now for another episode of … GAROU HOSPITAL!"
Nadia_Truewater cues the cheesy daytime soap music.
Quistar: Starring Lou Growls as Doctor Killdeer!

'cause it's a soap opera …
23:43 Caliban Brought to you by Proctor & Gamble, makers of Head & Shoulders & Everywhere Else, "the shampoo for garou." Makes you nice and fluffy! Just ask Shammie!
23:43 Shammie is a certified authority on fluffiness and I endorse this message!
23:44 Shammie (that's what the f stands for in ShamshielDF >_> )

"Also, he has a rare tropical disease."
23:39 Caliban "And … he's pregnant."
23:39 Quistar lmao
23:39 Caliban "With a baby that will be fully-grown in just a few years."
23:39 Quistar ooc, forgot that Mother's Touch uses Gnosis. I have one point left and this will be it.
23:39 Caliban "That's right —- a Metis!"
23:40 Nadja *blinks* What the…..??? SPITS is PREGNANT???
23:40 Nadja How the heck did THAT happen?
23:40 Draws-the-net SpIt's pregnant? now i know what happened to Draws on Super bowl sunday

"The tests show that Spits-the-Truth is pregnant. But which one of you women is the father??"

23:02 CalibanWoDST He shakes his head and she can finally tell that he's not sobbing, he's hysterical — with laughter.
23:02 Sybil_Angelis steps back and narrows her eyes"what are you laughing about?!
23:04 Sybil_Angelis her hand curls into a fist then relaxes and she glares at you.
23:07 CalibanWoDST "Just that this whole thing is a comedy of errors."
23:08 CalibanWoDST "Can you help me get to Maguire's and straighten everything out?"
23:08 CalibanWoDST "And, uh, help me find my pants first?"

"People are in all stages of dress and undress, from formal evening gowns and tuxedos — not necessarily on the right genders, by the way — to stark naked and everything in between and sideways, including costumes."

"That was…unexpected." Joshua Talltrees, on many, MANY occasions.

Eden: O8)

[01:44] <@Joshua_Talltrees> "Sorry, the only penis I love is my own, and not even that much lately."

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