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This page details some of the key rules in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game, including Rage, Frenzy, Gnosis, Healing, and Silver.

Combat: Attacks are Dex + {Brawl if you use your bare hands/claws/bite/etc., or Melee if you use a hand weapon like a sword, or Firearms if you use a gun, or Athletics if you use a thrown weapon or a bow, i.e. a muscle-powered ranged weapon}
Defenders roll Dex + Dodge (even against firearms; it means you duck behind cover or whatever, not actually dodging a bullet like Neo does)
Remember that if you both attack and defend on the same turn, you have to reduce your dice pools!

Multiple Actions: If you perform more than one action in a single turn you have to either spend Rage for extra actions or else reduce your dice pools. (You can't do both!)
If you do two actions in a single turn, you lose two dice from the first action and three from the second.
If you do three actions in a single turn, you lose three dice from the first action, four from the second, and five from the third.

Rage (Werewolf: The Apocalypse core rulebook page 126)
Every garou character has a score for their "permanent" Rage rating. This is their normal level of Rage and is calculated based on their auspice plus any additional points of permanent Rage they bought at character creation and/or through experience.
In addition, every character with a permanent Rage rating also has a "Rage pool" meaning their current level of Rage, which fluctuates up and down. primarily as follows:
1. Whenever a garou is very angry/upset, they get another point of Rage.
2. The first time a werewolf sees the moon on a particular night, they gain a certain amount of Rage based on the phase of the moon (New Moon = 1 point, Crescent = 2 points, Half Moon = 3 points, Gibbous = 4 points, Full Moon = 5 points).
Also, see "Starting Level of Rage" below.

When to make a Rage Roll: Whenever a garou is extremely angry (e.g. when they are angry over an insult, frustrated by a botched roll or other significant upset, enter combat or other confrontation like a staredown, or take more than one point of damage from a single blow) they gain a point of Rage. In addition, they have to make a Rage roll whenever they get that angry/upset (as well as in certain other circumstances).

In other words: Every time you get (a lot) more pissed, you can get another point in your Rage pool.
Every time you get another point in your Rage pool, you have to roll Rage.

There are also a few other times you have to roll Rage even without getting mad.

Please note that the points in the Rage pool can exceed the character's Rage rating.

Starting Level of Rage at Beginning of Session: It is very important to know your character's current level of Rage. Here is how to calculate the amount of Rage they have at the beginning of a session:

1. If there have been more than three days of game-time since the last session, you may choose to roll 1d10 to determine your starting level of Rage, and then pick any number up to that number. If you do this, then skip to step 5.
2. If there has been at least one complete night of your Auspice *after* the end of the last session, you may choose to start the new session with any number of Rage points up to your permanent Rage level. If you do this, then skip to step 5.
3. If you do not use Step 1 or Step 2, then you start at whatever level you had at the end of the last session.
4. You may add up to one extra point of Rage per complete night that started *after* the end of the last session.
5. You may always choose to start with a lower level of Rage. This simulates calming down and/or using up Rage harmlessly (e.g. by spending Rage shifting forms).

Using Rage: Rage is primarily used for taking extra actions in combat (one action per point spent) and can also be used to shift form automatically and to heal wounds during combat.

Rage Rolls
A Rage Roll is necessary made by rolling a number of dice equal to the points in the Rage pool or the character's permanent Rage rating, whichever is higher, and the target number is based on the phase of the moon. (New = 8, Crescent = 7, Half = 6, Gibbous = 5, Full = 4). When the moon is the garou's auspice moon and/or the garou is in Crinos, the difficulty of the roll is 1 lower (so an ahroun in Crinos and/or during full moon would have difficulty 3).

Whenever a garou makes at least 4 successes on a Rage roll, they go berserk; with 6 successes they will fall to the "Thrall of the Wyrm." The rules for this are on page 190 of the core rulebook.
A berserk Garou shifts immediately to Crinos or Hispo (player's choice) and attacks.
A Garou whose permanent Gnosis exceeds its permanent Rage will not attack its packmates (unless it is in the Thrall of the Wyrm) but will attack anything else that moves, including allied Garou who are not members of her pack.
If its permanent Rage exceeds its permanent Gnosis, it attacks anything that moves.
If it is in the Thrall of the Wyrm … you don't want to know!

Not Going Into Frenzy: If a Rage roll causes you to frenzy you can spend a point of Willpower to stop it. (This means you lose your actions for that round.) If you are already in Frenzy, you can spend a point of Willpower to control your actions, i.e. you can choose who to attack (but you have to attack something).

Recovering from Frenzy
When the trigger event is over, the player may roll Willpower (difficulty of the Garou's own Rage) to escape the frenzy. Even if this roll fails, they may try
again each turn.

Gnosis represents a character's spiritual power; in game terms it is their "magic points." Characters have a Gnosis rating (based on breed plus any additional points of Gnosis purchased at character creation and/or with experience) and a current Gnosis level which can go up and down but, unlike Rage, can not exceed the level of the Gnosis rating.
For every object made of or containing silver that a character is carrying, they lose one point from their Gnosis rating.
Gnosis is used for some gifts (such as Mother's Touch) but its primary use is for "stepping sideways" into the Umbra. In order to do that, roll Gnosis against the local Gauntlet rating, which is normally

Regaining Gnosis
Gnosis is primarily regained by meditation; the rules are on page 126:
Roll Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 8). For each success, a player regains one Gnosis point. However, a character can regain only one Gnosis point per hour of meditation, no matter how many successes the player rolls. In addition, this form of meditation can be done only once per day, and the difficulty increases by one for each extra day a character attempts it in the same week (to a maximum difficulty of 10).
If there is at least one week of downtime between scenes, a player can make a Charisma + Enigmas roll to regain some Gnosis. Each success on this roll refreshes one point of Gnosis.

There are three (or four, if you count silver separately) types of damage: bashing (basically blunt weapons and fists), lethal (sharp weapons), aggravated (magical or otherwise specially bad such as fire, radiation or acid — or the teeth and claws of a garou or other supernatural creature such as a vampire). Silver is aggravated damage that is unsoakable.
Werewolves can soak bashing damage in all forms, and can soak lethal and (non-silver) aggravated damage in all forms except their breed form.
Werewolves can regenerate damage (except aggravated damage) in all forms except their breed form.
Silver does unsoakable aggravated damage to garou (except when they are in their breed form, in which case it has no particular effects except reducing their Gnosis).

Garou in breed form regenerate one level of bashing or lethal damage per day if they rest; if they don't rest, they heal as normal humans do.
Garou in any other form regenerate one level of bashing or lethal damage every turn (if they are either resting, or are active but make a Stamina roll, difficulty 8).
However, aggravated damage can only be healed either by magic (such as Mother's Touch) or by resting in a form other than breed form, at the rate of one point per day of rest.
In an emergency, a garou may do "Rage healing" by making a Rage roll of difficulty 8 and healing one level of damage per success. However, this automatically causes the garou to Frenzy.

Silver has the following effects on garou:

  • It reduces the garou's Gnosis rating when the garou is carrying or touching an object with a significant amount of silver: one point per hand-sized object (or group of smaller objects such as bullets), two or more points per larger object (such as a klaive, grand klaive, labrys, sword).
  • It does unsoakable aggravated damage to a garou who is not in breed form, whether used as a weapon or simply touching for a full turn.
  • Since the damage from silver is aggravated damage, it can not be regenerated; it can only be healed by magic, or by resting in non-breed form, or resting even longer in breed form.
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