One of the most important sources of Renown in the game — and also one of the most important tasks, particularly since we have many players who are new to playing Werewolf: The Apocalypse, to the entire World of Darkness, and often to any system roleplaying at all — is teaching various things to new cubs and kinfolk in-story, and also teaching them to the players IRL.

Each of the following is worth one point of temporary Renown for the character who learns it *and* one point divided by rank for the one who teaches it, as long as it is done in a scene and the recipient understands it as a player:

1. Gaia and the Triat and who/what the Garou are.
2. The Three Breeds.
3. The Five Forms, including how to shift (including teaching the player the rules for shifting form)
4. The effects of Silver (including rules for bashing, lethal, and aggravated damage, and how to heal them
5. Gnosis, Rage, and how they work, including how to regain Gnosis, how to regain Rage, and how to make Rage rolls, including the effect of the phase of the moon and the fact that four successes causes a frenzy, the difference between Fox and Berserk frenzy.
6. The Five Auspices.
7. The names and basic descriptions of the Twelve Tribes. (Bunyip, White Howlers, Croatan, and Stargazers are optional.)
8. Spirits and the Umbra, including the Gauntlet and the rules for how to "step sideways."
9. What the Litany is.
10. Other basics of garou life such as rank and renown, and common terms like -rhya and -yuf, pack, alpha, beta, omega, Caern, Bawn, and Sept.
11. Each Rite.
12. Actually taking a trip to the Umbra and back.
13. Detailed knowledge of the Litany, i.e. understands each tenet (not necessarily memorizing them).
14. Actually being able to recite the Litany from memory.
15. Basic information about the Wyrm including banes, BSDs, fomori, and leeches, and also the coming Apocalypse.
16. Basic Garou history including the Impergium and the War of Rage and why almost all fera dislike us.


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