Site Construction

This is a list of changes to be made to the website (including changes already started), and other tasks for the chronicle.

Venue Site Pages

  • Maguire's
  • Changeling "Balefire Circle"
  • River-of-Grass Caern
    • Picnic Pavilion and Kitchen
    • Tool and Clothing Shed
  • Greasy Spoon Cafe
  • Bells, Books & Candles Occult Bookstore
  • Law Office
  • Sybil's Garage
  • Mr Grey's "Hollow Houses"
  • Mr Grey's Clubs
    • Millennium Club
    • The Blood-Red Rose
    • The Spot
    • The Bourbon Street Bar
    • DiSardi's Restaurant
  • O'Tolley's
  • Competing Club
  • Museum (Elysium)

(This is a list of current plotlines that at least one player-character knows about)

  • "The Right Hand of Death"
  • Snuff films in Miami
  • Sabbat pack in Miami
  • Haunted circus
  • Guy who claims to be a demon
  • Anti-mage assassins
  • Nosy reporter
  • Bad dreams (Sarena)
  • Seahorse Hotel (pimp)


  • What happened to Nadja's old pack.
  • Who's in our pack?
  • What's our totem?
  • Request for aid from Caern of the Watchful Eye
  • Visitors and Caern Defenses


  • Official name(s) for chronicle and venues
  • NPCs and plotlines for Camarilla venue
  • Linking descriptions of locations
  • Recruiting players
  • Vetting characters
  • Character creation rules ("Equal for All")
  • "Rare and Unusual" characters
  • Experience point awards
  • Experience point costs
  • Website, Wiki, and Forums (E and Whispers)


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