Storyteller Meeting Notes

Notes for Storyteller meetings:

Agenda for ST meeting:
1. Umbra quest
2. Sybil's Dad
3. Converting stuff from Wikidot to Wikia
4. Mr Grey's stats
6. i baught a new tracfone 954/591-7860
8. List of players and characters: who counts? Who is active vs inactive?
9. No new supernaturals without permission of the venue ST. Mortals, kinfolk, ghouls, kinain, etc. are fine.

Dream-Quest of the Unknown Totem:

1. Start at Maguire's or in Fae ritual circle with low gauntlet *and* a trod. T
2. Enter the Umbra, preferably using T-Bird.
3. Trod is visible as a path through the Umbra, like a Moonbridge. Check Changeling core rulebook about this, and also check Umbra book.
4. Travel through Umbra, encounter the Web (Glass Walkers and Children of Gaia do well here, Black Furies do poorly); also, find pack totem(s): Chimera, Owl, Uktena, Sphinx *and* Stag!
5. Fight Banes (At least one per character, up to four per character) and rescue a "Chimerical Spirit"
6. Pass between the Fianna, Uktena, and Stargazer homelands to enter the Border Realm;
7. Enter the Arcadia Border Realm; fight the Black Knight
8. Travel either east or west on the Royal Road
9. Encounter either the Seelie or Unseelie Courts, and pass through them through Wisdom, Cunning, Courage, or whatever.
10. Enter the Dreaming
11. Have adventure
12. Find magic ring suitable for being a Treasure (i.e. it will hold Glamour) *and* a Fetish
13. Leave the Dreaming, return to Earth
14. Bind Chimerical spirit to the ring

Notes on Canonicity: To me, "canon" has three different meanings:
1. Not a lot of Rare and Unusual types, and definitely nothing impossible, such as Tremere antitribu, or Croatan garou. I'm in favor of that! (By that standard Sarena is one of the least-canonical characters because she has all sorts of out-of-clan disciplines, and she is the exception that proves the rule. The only other unusual characters I can think of by that standard are Sybil, because of her father, but he was approved by the Camarilla; and Clocks, because he is a kinfolk *and* a Mage; even though that's a standard Merit in the rulebook, it's considered Rare in the Camarilla and OWBN because they want to discourage cross-venue play while I prefer to encourage it.. Everybody else that I can think of in the chronicle is a perfectly common physiotype.)

2. Not contradicting official canonical books. For example, saying the Week of Nightmares never happened. Saying the Prince of Washington DC is somebody other than whoever it's supposed to be according to the published materials (such as DC By Night and the Clan Novel where he got scragged and replaced).
I agree that we should use the official canonical books and not contradict them, but we can add to them. For example, there's almost nothing detailed about the Sabbat in Miami, so I felt I could do what I wanted as long as I kept Fabrizia Contraz as the Archbishop, and kept her the way she was described. Plus she could be (for example) killed off any time *after* they stopped publishing.

3. Keeping to the spirit of the game; e.g., werewolves tend to attack vampires on sight, yadda yadda yadda.
Whoops, good thing my window was raised, because that just went flying right the %^&# out through it! :D
I try to have good in-story reasons for all the fraternization. Such as all the NPC Garou belonging to tribes that according to canon are known to deal with vampires: Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Shadow Lords, and Uktena. And Mr Grey's sire is Sigfried (from Dark Alliance: Vancouver). And he can justify having a treaty with the garou because it really does arrange for slaughtering the Sabbat.
The primary difference here is the fact that the different leeches and lupines actually get along well with each other, instead of the alliance always being on the edge of breaking down due to mutual suspicion.

Rare and Unusual Character Types:
One part of canon is not having a lot (or any) of "Rare and Unusual" character types: Lasombra antitribu, etc. My preference is to have at least 80% of characters be "Common" and no more than 10% be "Rare" or "Unusual," and have "Rare" only as NPCs.
Here is a list of "free for all" character types:
In Werewolf venue:
Common: All twelve tribes, any auspice, any breed, any rank up to 3 including cubs and kinfolk.
Unusual: Ratkin and Corax; Bastet (other than Bubasti or Ceilican), Nuwisha, Rokea and Ananasi; Black Spiral Dancer defectors (characters that have danced the spiral/been raised by the Wyrm and then left the Black Spiral Dancers, including those who became Ronin, as well as those who join the Gaian Garou); Semi-Supernatural Kinfolk (i.e. Kinfolk who are ghouls, kinain, or sorcerers, or have Hedge Magic or other Numina). Note: kinfolk who are Fae are considered Unusual rather than Rare.
Rare: Having the skill of Klaivesmithing; having a Grand/Great/Bane Klaive; relatives or others with background/history involving famous Garou or other famous NPCs; full-Supernatural Kinfolk (i.e. Kinfolk who are Mages, Vampires, or Wraiths); Kitsune; Mokole; Bubasti, Ajaba, Ceilican.
Not Allowed:Apis, Bunyip, Camazotz, Croatan, Grondr, and White Howlers
Membership in the following garou camps is considered Unusual: Bitter Hex, Bringers of Eternal Peace, Children of Bat, Cyber Dogs, Dead Goddess Cult, Eaters of the Dead, Ivory Priesthood, Judges of Doom, Loki's Smile, Man Eaters, Masks, Mother's Fundamentalists, Path Dancers, Society of the Bitter Frost,
Society of Nidhogg, Sword of Hiemdall, Temple of Artemis, Umbral Pilots, Ymir's Sweat.

Garou: Ratkin, and Corax
Changeling: Sidhe; Characters with Chronus and/or Naming; Ghille Dhu
Vampire: Dispossessed to Schismatic
Tzimisce Koldun
Warrior Setites
Salubri Antitribu
Sect Defectors
True Faith

Characters may be created with up to 30 LARP experience points; NPCs may be created with up to 60 LARP experience points.
Please note that 1 LARP experience point equals 6 tabletop experience points (for abilities) while 1 LARP experience points equals 2 tabletop experience points (for Gifts) or 3.3 tabletop experience points (for Disciplines). This means PCs can be created with up to 130 tabletop experience points, and NPCs can be created with up to 260 tabletop experience points.

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