OOC we're trying to pick a totem for the new pack in Moral Victory (the Pulp Scripture garou game).

Anyone who has a preference, please let me know.
Each player gets two votes plus the points their character has of "Totem" background. Please let me know how many votes you have, if you have more than two!
You can split up your votes if you want.
A totem needs a majority vote in order to win; if there is no majority, I will remove the lowest-place totem and have a run-off among all the other totems which got votes, and repeat until there is a clear winner.

Here is a list of totems that have been suggested; you can vote for any totem, even if it's not on the list:

Totems of Cunning:
Crow (Tribebook: Bone Gnawers, Revised Ed.)
Raccoon (WW Player's Guide)

Totems of Respect:
Sphinx (WW Player's Guide)

Totems of Wisdom:
Fog (WW Player's Guide)

Totem of War:
Black Unicorn

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