One of the most important plot elements in Pulp Scripture / Moral Victory is the treaties between the Garou, Kindred, and Fae. There are many elements, including player-characters, working for and against the treaties. Here is a basic summary of the treaties:

1. Both sides agree not to attack each other. This means both organized war, and also no individual member will attack a member of the other group.

2. They agree not to kill humans except in self-defense.

3. South Florida is divided into different areas. Some are vampire territory, some are werewolf territory, some are fae territory, most is neutral.

4. Both sides agree to "work together against their common enemies" and "work together on projects of mutual benefit, and not engage in any projects which would harm the other."

5. The leaders of each side agree to meet in person at least once a year, and to communicate at least once a month, plus if there is a breach of the treaties they agree communicate with each other before resorting to violence.

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